Not all my embroidery work makes it to this website. Many pieces get bought before I manage to publish it online, and even more is commissioned at earlier stages.

I love talking to people before I embroider a piece for them. Sometimes they show me pictures and ask to put a little shape of someone in the distance of the landscape, sometimes they have a very specific idea in mind, but they want me to go crazy on the colors, in other times – they just want it to be “happy”.

Unique embroidery art makes a great gift for any occasion, to any person, including yourself 😉

Here you can find some pieces that were custom ordered and/or bought early and now live in different parts of the world.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to request a custom made embroidery art, it will be my pleasure work together and make your ideas come true using my embroidery style and skill and handspun yarn.