Why would one choose to recycle old scraps when world is full of readily available and relatively cheap new materials?

Everybody tells us that there are 4 things that are recyclable: plastic, paper, glass and metal. But what if it is not all? I think we can do better! And here I will show you how, as a fiber artist, I am recycling spinning and embroidery waste into new, unique and beautiful yarn.

Whenever something new is being made, usually it is being led by a lot of waste, be it water, energy or solid trash. In my case it is: lots of failed yarn experiments, knitting scraps, failed knitting projects, old mittens and holy socks, wool I scrape off of my carding devices, embroidery floss cut offs and sewing thread pieces etc. In addition to my own waste, I such “trash” donations from willing knitters and embroiderers.

To donate your scrap fibers please contact me at info@alionanova.com

Most people don’t even know how recycling plastic, paper, metal or glass even looks like. Is it complicated? Does it use expensive, huge machines? Does it use additional energy, water and human power? In the case of recycling fibers everything is pretty straight forward. Every thread, synthetic, wool, cotton or bled, no matter the purpose or color or length, is made of the same stuff that is used to produce new yarn or thread or etc. Fibers are just awfully snuggly with each other and need to be carded back into fluff.

It takes some patience and skill working with fluff made from recycled materials – the length of fibers is shorter than fresh, unused new wool, also some bits and pieces refuse to be carded and stay in there for texture. I usually add not less than 50 % of new materials to make good quality yarn, but sometimes I used the recycled fiber purely for rustic, uneven, unique look.

I believe the finished result is not only labour intensive, but also one-of-a-kind and tells a rich story. It was reawakened for the second life and wears it not as a disadvantage or scar, but as a badge of honor.

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