Woven Bookmark


This hand woven bookmark is the perfect gift to a friend, family member or even yourself! Here’s why:

  • Bookmark is a great gift option when you are thinking about surprising someone who loves reading paper books. They will always use it and think about you whenever they are reading;
  • This one is not only hand woven, it is also made from yarn, which has been spun on a wheel from natural (non-dyed and non-bleached) linen, merino wool, bamboo, nettle and recycled yarn fibers.
  • The color specks on each of the bookmarks are actually chunks of recycled yarn fiber. So, 14% of the entire yarn used to make this bookmark is hand-recycled yarn waste;
  • It makes for a truly unique, one of a kind gift, because even though the bookmarks are made from the same yarn, each centimetre of it is non-repetitive, uniquely random pattern, hence each bookmark looks different;
  • Linen, bamboo, nettle and viscose in the yarn shine in light and color specks are fun to explore up-close whenever taking a break from reading;
  • It comes in a craft paper envelope;
  • The bookmark could also be a great add-on when gifting a book!

If you are interested to learn more about the yarn that was used making this bookmark, you are welcome to read this: https://www.alionanova.com/product/linen-green-merinolinenviscoserecycled-yarnbamboo/


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