Rick and Morty inspired embroidery art

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  • Diameter – 29-30 cm.
  • This is one of a kind, original embroidery art piece inspired by the cartoon show’s Rick and Morty, season 2, episode 5. It pictures two people strapped together to a bunch of colorful balloons, floating above a picturesque nature scene, while giant heads in the sky are overseeing the planet.
  • It has been hand stitched on a linen fabric base using variety of cotton, wool and synthetic threads.
  • The wool yarn used to make clouds and most of the tree foliage is hand spun on a spinning wheel using wool, nettle, silk and flax fibers.
  • The piece is framed in a slightly unevenly round plastic hoop with hand stitched cotton backing and is ready to use as a wall hanger (or any other way you prefer to showcase it).
  • Caring for your piece: Avoid dust and do not wash.


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