Recycled yarn – Pynk


This yarn is very special and makes me particularly proud of what it’s made of and what it stands for!

This soft, shimmering, hand carded and hand spun two-ply yarn consists 30% of recycled materials. As an embroidery artist, I have plenty of little embroidery floss bits that are only good for trash bin, yet I choose to card them back into fluff, add some other materials and make it shine is completely new form – as yarn. Some pieces are too small to be caught by the needles of the carder, so they stay as they are creating added color and texture, so the final result is not only recycled, but also visually spectacular.

It is only fitting that yarn called Pynk will be shimmering when hit by sun – it is due to a small percentage of viscose added to this yarn.

And finally, why is it Pynk? I am a huge fan of Janelle Monáe, her taste, art and music inspires me, and in this case, I mean her song called Pynk.

Monáe describes the song:

PYNK is a brash celebration of creation. self love. sexuality. and pussy power! PYNK is the color that unites us all, for pink is the color found in the deepest and darkest nooks and crannies of humans everywhere… PYNK is where the future is born…

In addition to that, pink just looks great. It is good on it’s own, but even better when the depth of the color is enriched with thousands of fibers from recycled wood and embroidery waste.


  • 33% merino wool
  • 28% wool
  • 23% recycled wool waste
  • 9% viscose
  • 7% recycled embroidery waste

Weight – 100 g (+-10 g.)

Length – 220 m (+- 10 m.)

Recommended needle/hook size – 3 to 5

Care instructions:

Due to recycled nature of a small percentage of the yarn, please assume that it is not 100% made from natural fibers, since some of it might have been synthetic. It doesn’t mean that the final product is of less quality, it just means that your yarn has a story to tell and some of it is a mystery.

Hand spun yarn has a tendency to felt a little when washed. This means, that whatever you make from it, might shrink a little and the texture will be slightly different after washing.

Recycled yarn might somewhat shed little bits of thread. To prevent shedding to other items, please wash separately and give it a shake, when it is dry.

To avoid felting and/or damage to the item made using this yarn, please hand wash in a 30 degree water with a detergent suitable for wool. Do not wring. Dry flat.


****Please be aware that if you want to buy more than one skein of this yarn, it may take me up to 2-5 days to finalize and ship your order, as this is a hand made item and I might not keep big quantities in stock. Thank you for your understanding!

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