Kitty Yarn (Coral)


A unique in it’s color, composition and hand-made nature super bulky yarn. It has been hand carded and hand spun on a spinning wheel. This yarn is super bulky, fluffy, two-ply. It is made from two rather rare yarn ingredients – cat hair and recycled yarn.

Cat wool is acquired from a loving and caring home, where cats are regularly brushed (therefore the fur balls accumulate and then are donated to be processed to yarn). No harm was done to cats to collect their wool.

Cat hair is pretty short, hard to spin and a bit more complicated to wear, but it is rewarding in other areas. Firstly, I care about sustainability of my yarn ingredients, therefore I believe cat hair to contribute in this fashion – this is something that would otherwise would be wasted, thrown into trash. Cat hair makes this yarn so textured, soft and fluffy, in addition – it is achieved for a fraction of the same being achieved using expensive, more traditional components, like angora wool.

Needless to say that any item knitted from it will be truly unique. A true cat lady must have.

This yarn is made from natural merino wool (white) and natural cat wool (light beige), that was not dyed. Some coral recycled yarn was added to create color and texture specks. This is another detail that makes this yarn even more special.

If you are interested on how and why I use recycled yarn, please visit the link


  • 74% merino wool
  • 20% cat wool
  • 6% recycled yarn

Weight – 110 g (+-10 g.)

Length – 167 m (+- 10 m.)

Recommended needle/hook size – 7 to 10

Care instructions:

This particular yarn is not suitable for people with cat allergies.

Due to recycled nature of a small percentage of the yarn, please assume that it is not 100% made from natural fibers, since some of it might have been synthetic. It doesn’t mean that the final product is of less quality, it just means that your yarn has a story to tell and some of it is a mystery.

Hand spun yarn has a tendency to felt a little when washed. This means, that whatever you make from it, might shrink a little and the texture will be slightly different after washing.

All “hairy” yarn will somewhat shed, and this is no exception. To prevent shedding to other items, please wash separately and give it a shake, when it is dry.

To avoid felting and/or damage to the item made using this yarn, please hand wash in a 30 degree water with a detergent suitable for wool. Do not wring. Dry flat.

****Please be aware that if you want to buy more than one skein of this yarn, it may take me up to 2-5 days to finalize and ship your order, as this is a hand made item and I might not keep big quantities in stock. Thank you for your understanding!

Additional information

Weight 0.110 kg

Light, natural


Bulky, Super bulky


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