Happy YELLOW (merino+bamboo+recycled yarn+silk noil+nylon)


This yarn is hand spun on a spinning wheel using hand dyed: bamboo (46%) merino wool (25%), recycled yarn fiber (18%), silk noil (7%), nylon (4%). It is extremely soft, very textured, irregular, artistic, yet consistent enough for creating truly one of a kind wearable items.

The blend has been created as a great spring/summer yarn. It is bright and colorful, in a theme of a super warm and sunny day. Content wise – it is a great blend of bamboo and wool with recycled yarn fiber (to enrich the colors with specks) and silk noil for added texture.

This yarn is single ply, suitable for needles and hooks size 3-6 mm, depending on your knitting and crocheting style. Single-spun also means that it is less sturdy than plied yarn, therefore it is not recommended to use for socks or other knits that are meant to be heavy duty.

No skein of this yarn is the same, no meter of these skeins is the same as the other – the pattern is absolutely is not repetitive, yet completely harmonious throughout all the skeins.

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bamboo (46%),

merino wool (25%),

recycled yarn fiber (18%),

silk noil (7%),

nylon (4%)

Weight: 70g

Recommended needle/hook size: 3-6 mm

Recommended for: cardigans, sweaters, blankets, crop tops, hats, sun hat, bralettes, etc.

Care instructions:

Hand spun yarn has a tendency to felt a little when washed. This means, that whatever you make from it, might shrink a little and the texture will be slightly different after washing.

To avoid felting and/or damage to the item made using this yarn, please hand wash in a 30 degree water with a detergent suitable for wool. Do not wring. Dry flat.

Due to hand dyed nature of the ingredients, it is possible that yarn will leach some dye during a first couple washes.

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