Custom made yarn (merino wool + (your) recycled yarn bits)


Ever wondered what to do with those yarn bits/scraps?

Truly signature yarn colored by beautiful bits of recycled yarn. It can be custom hand spun for you, in color, thickness and quantity of your choice. And the best part – I can make it from your own yarn waste! 

The recycled yarn used for these skeins comes from various knitting, crocheting and other fiber crafts and is donated to me as a waste. Please read more about yarn recycling I do in the ABOUT section of this website.

Due to recycled and hand dyed nature of some of the yarn ingredients, it is impossible to reproduce same colors and textures that are found in this yarn, thus making it a truly unique, hand spun piece of art. It is still possible to make somewhat matching skeins of yarn, which, at the end, would make a project made from this yarn, a cohesive piece. All the skeins made for the same order will be matching and almost the same.

This yarn spun as a single, which means that it is less sturdy than plied yarn, therefore it is not recommended to be used for socks or other knits that are meant to be heavier duty.

This yarn is custom spun on a spinning wheel and comes in 75 g. skeins (perfect size for a hat).

Due to recycled and custom hand carded nature of the yarn, it is impossible to predict how the finished result will look, before it is made, therefore you can choose a color of the base in broad strokes (greyish, whiteish, blackish, pinkish etc.). Unfortunately there is no possibility to pick colors of the colorful specks throughout the yarn, unless you send me your own scraps to recycle, in which case – I will be happy to create your own signature yarn.

Be aware, that depending on the size of your order, it would take 1 to 3 weeks to implement and ship out your order.

For any discounts, inquiries and/or orders please do not hesitate to contact Aliona on


85 % merino wool

15 % recycled yarn

Price: 20.00 EUR

Weight: 100g

Recommended needle/hook size: custom thickness, 2-6 mm

Care instructions:

Hand spun yarn has a tendency to felt a little when washed. This means, that whatever you make from it, might shrink a little and the texture will be slightly different after washing.

To avoid felting and/or damage to the item made using this yarn, please hand wash in a 30 degree water with a detergent suitable for wool. Do not wring. Dry flat.


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Additional information

Weight 0.075 kg

green, moss


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