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I believe as crafters and people working with their hands, we can agree that both crafting and winter can be harsh on our hands. To top it off with constant hand washing during pandemic… Hands can’t help but get dry, crack and even hurt and open sores.

So in self-care and soft hands in mind, me and my husband produced these Crafting Hands Lotion Bars that we are happy to share with the world.

It is made from natural virgin coconut oil, Shea butter, beeswax, rosemary and lavender essential oils and vitamins B5, E and A (retinol). It comes as two 25 g pieces (the total of 1.8 oz) wrapped in wax paper and packaged in a craft paper box (perfect as a gift to your favorite crafter too!).
When I say “we produced”, I mean that I am demandingly testing it and tinkering with the formula, while my careful and accurate husband takes care of the production. At the end, after months of creating and testing and recreating, both of us are happy with the result. After all, these are the bars that we (both of us and our 5-year old) use in our household for all our skin needs. It completely replaced chap-sticks, body lotions and hand creams for us.
My husband works with his hands a lot, often outside, in harsh winters. This lotion definitely helps to keep his hands, knees and elbows nice and soft. He also uses it on his “moisture thirsty” beard and scalp (after shaving).
As a spinner and fiber artist, I take extra care of my hands, so my skin wouldn’t get dry and start cracking. It could be extremely unpleasant if tiny fibers of wool snag on such cracks. And year after year, winter would be the worst time for me, as I would have to buy and use a ton of hand lotions. Felting, washing dyed fibers, yarn bathing and heavy duty embroidery were not doing my hands any favors, and all the expensive water based creams did not do a good job on my hands.
So how to use it? We just keep it in sight and out of warm objects and just rub between hands for a few seconds until the desired application is achieved. If your hands are in a huge need of moisturizing, you are welcome to apply generously before bed time and every time after washing your hands.
Be aware that it is solid, but it would become slightly melting from body temperature. It would run if you put it on a heater.
What makes it good for skin? Well coconut oil and Shea butter are great for your skin, but it is upgraded even more with an addition of Rosemary and lavender essential oils (popular ingredients in skin and hair care products), which also makes it smell nice (like a beautiful combination of beeswax, coconut oil and rosemary). Vitamin A helps to promote cell turnover, increase tone and elasticity of skin. Vitamin B5, also known as panthenol works to moisturize, soothe and heal your skin, being especially beneficial for dry skin. Vitamin E not only enhances the beneficial effect of the other vitamins, but also moisturizes and has plenty of health benefits of it’s own.
We are so happy to share our creation with you:) crafter’s hands deserve to be soft!
P.s. it might appear layered or multicolored, which is the outcome of whipping all the ingredients to achieve the maximum blending, but can trap tiny air bubbles. Keep in mind that it is a natural, hand made product made to do the job, not necessarily to look perfect.

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