Sun Hat – Pebble Black Linen


  • This sun hat hand crocheted from a 3-ply handspun yarn, made from linen (64 %), mint fiber (22 %), viscose (7 %), ingeo corn fiber (4 %) and recycled embroidery floss (3 %), which gives the finished hat a unique, speckled look.
  • This hat will protect your head from the sun, without being too warm.
  • Measurements: rim diameter -35.5 cm (14″) , head circumference – 56 cm (22″), rim length – 8 cm (3″), depth – 6 cm (2.2″).
  • This hat is rimmed with millinery wire, which keeps the shape and prevents the rim from collapsing. Due to flexibility of the wire, the hat can be folded and shaped in any way you desire to wear it, but it shouldn’t be completely flattened. Please do not put unnecessary pressure on a folded rim.

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