Bamboo wool yarn – Permanently Dirty

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This is for sure the softest of my yarns – it is like a little, color filled cloud.

Even though this yarn is 91 % made from pure white, natural merino and bamboo fibers that haven’t been dyed, the color is so greyishly and colorfully dirty, why? The answe – RECYCLED Sari Silk FIBER from the Sari production process.

Everyone knows how expensive silk is. I prefer sustainable over luxurious, so when I found out that there is such thing as recycled silk – I tried it and loved it! These threads are the fibers that are cut from the looms used in the sari industry, plenty of random color, imperfections and uncarded pieces of finest silk threads.

So in a way, I took plank merino and bamboo canvas and let recycled sari fibers tell a story on it. The colors are so subtle, so scattered, yet so intertwined with the white base, that everything turned out to be not so white anymore, but… (wait for it)… Permanently Dirty. Hence the yarn name 😀

If you want to know more about how and why I recycled yarn, visit this link


  • 60% merino wool
  • 31% bamboo
  • 9% sari silk

Weight – 80 g (+-10 g.)

Length – 200 m (+- 10 m.)

Recommended needle/hook size – 2.5 to 4

Care instructions:

This yarn is 100% made from natural fibers. 

Hand spun yarn has a tendency to felt a little when washed. This means, that whatever you make from it, might shrink a little and the texture will be slightly different after washing.

To avoid felting and/or damage to the item made using this yarn, please hand wash in a 30 degree water with a detergent suitable for wool and silk. Do not wring. Dry flat.

As Sari Silk is a recycled handmade and handyed product, only cold water should be used washing it. Please be aware that colours may run.

****Please be aware that if you want to buy more than one skein of this yarn, it may take me up to 2-5 days to finalize and ship your order, as this is a hand made item and I might not keep big quantities in stock. Thank you for your understanding!

Additional information

Weight 0.08 kg

dirty, natural


fine, light


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