Alien Yarn (25% recycled + 50% upcycled + 25% plant fiber) – Color Unė


This yarn is created by plying upcycled yarn (discarded, unwanted yarn, kept intact) with a handspun yarn single made from 50% recycled yarn scraps (collected from a crochet artist Unė then manually recycled into fluff) and addition of equal parts white linen and nettle fibers.

This yarn is called “Alien” because of how untraditional recycled nature makes it – it’ colorful and scrappy. It is full of little knots, texture and randomness. Such yarn could be used in truly extraordinary pieces of weaving, knitting, crochet or other crafts. It is very interesting to work with, as random order of everchanging colors and textures keeps you entertain and excite you with an anticipation of what’s to come.

Due to recycled and upcycled nature of this yarn, it is impossible to tell what is the exact content, weight or color of it. It could be worked using 1.5-3 mm needles and hooks.

The complete weight of this one of a kind skein is around 85 g.

If you want to read more about recycled yarn fiber, you can do it here –



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